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Grandmother's outfit Grandmother's outfit

Grandmother's outfit

* * This set is an amazing, delicious breakfast. * *
From Hia Uan Yong Yu Kee 113,

I can recommend it. Eat with boiled rice.

1) Celery ganache, Agong Amma's recipe, the most delicious in Yaowarat.

2) Kiam Chai Salad, Hong Kong recipe, with sesame oil

3) Delicious pork floss Sprinkle it on boiled rice with a little soy sauce. It's so delicious that you have to give it a thumbs up.

4) pickled ginger and soybean paste Many people's favorites:

5) Stir-fried hemp leaves, sprinkled with fried garlic, so satisfying to eat vegetables with benefits.

6)Roasted peanuts It has calcium as well. Delicious appetizer. You can eat it as a snack.

7) Celery, sweet pickled cabbage, no spicy taste, very delicious.

8) Radish salad, add a little chili, delicious.

Price ฿1,348.00

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